July 24, 2012

RITUAL OF ODDS Announce US “TourISTour”

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Written by: Fritz

Greek melodic death metal masters RITUAL OF ODDS announce September, US, “TourISTour”, which will bring their own unique take on melodic death metal to American cities. The twenty-one day trek will take them all over the US hitting all major stops. This is the first time RITUAL OF ODDS will head to North America to bring their sounds to US audiences. After successful European touring, RITUAL OF ODDS are eager to decimate all American metal heads who stand before them.

The dates can be found below.

US “TourISTourSeptember 2012
9/8     Bridgeport, CT – Acoustic Café
9/9     Brookfield, CT – The Room
9/10   Woodside, NY – La Boom
9/11   Poughkeepsie, NY – Pickwick Pub
9/12   Providence, RI – Dusk
9/13   Buffalo, NY – Broadway Joe’s
9/14   Corry, PA – Rascals Tavern
9/15   Rochester, NY – The Bug Jar
9/16   Limestone, NY – Rock ‘N Rick’s
9/19   Toledo, OH – The Zodiac
9/20   Detroit, MI – I-Rock Nightclub
9/21   Lansing, MI – Blackened Moon Concert Hall
9/22   Barrington Hills, IL – Penny Road Pub
9/23   Ft Wayne, IN – Hammerhead Hall
9/24 Maryville, TN – The Thirsty Turtle
9/25   Nashville, TN – The Rutledge
9/26 Knoxville, TN – The Long Branch Saloon
9/27   Roanoke, VA – Coffin House Studio
9/28   Martinsburg, WV – MJ’s Pub
9/29   Allentown, PA – Jimmy’s Place
9/30   New York, NY – Fontana’s Bar

RITUAL OF ODDS exploded into existence in 2003, under the name Existence Edje, but in 2005 changed their name to Ritual Of Odds. In 2006 the melodic death metallers released their first demo, “Building Up the Underverse“. After the well received demo they headed into the studio in 2010 and recorded their debut full-length album, “Underverse”. Then later on in 2010, RITUAL OF ODDS headed back into the studio and recorded “God Is an Atheist“.

RITUAL OF ODDS has created a very unique blend of melodic death metal with overtones of various other forms of metal, which drew from the bands extremely varied tastes in music. RITUAL OF ODDS have received rave reviews from various online outlets, and have garnered regular rotation on many online radio playlist’s. RITUAL OF ODDS is determined to go against the grain at all costs, and bring their fans exciting and genre breaking heavy metal. RITUAL OF ODDS is ready to bring their brand of melodic death metal to audiences world wide.

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