December 18, 2012

Axis Of Metal Exclusive Song Stream: “To Know Infinity” From Deceptor


If you haven’t been living under some sort of rock, then you’d know that the thrash revival is still going strong, and with such a large revival this can naturally lead to, well – a lot of junk.

But here we have Deceptor, a band who decides to set themselves apart from the hordes of thrash hopefuls. Deceptor are a melodic thrash band with a heavy overtone of speed metal and a peppering of NWOBHM, with a mild technical edge. This amalgamation lends itself to be a very unique concoction, and for 2012, this is some pretty fresh sounding thrash metal.

If you’re looking for brutality or over-the-top speed – you won’t find it here; but if you’re looking for sublime riffing, coherent song writing devoid of pointless worship and a breath of fresh air in a severely overpopulated scene, then you’ve come to the right place.

To Know Infinity” will put a smile on any discerning thrasher’s face. This is the thinking man’s thrash. Expect varied song writing, catchy riffs, and a much needed breath of creativity in a scene that is quite frankly – stagnated beyond any reasonable level.

Once the thrash revival meets its inevitable demise, Deceptor will be one band that stands the test of time. Heed these words thrashers!

So scroll down, and click that black play button on the Soudcloud player and let Deceptor invade your thrashy soul!

 1. Transmission I
2. To Know Infinity
3. Heatseeker
4. Transmission II
5. Sentient Shackles
6. Walking Dust

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