February 19, 2013

Impalers – Power Behind The Throne – Review

imaplers front cover

The most important thing when going into an album like this is to remind yourself that Imaplers have set out to do one thing and one thing only, and that’s thrash old school. You have to enter this musical journey with the mindset that this album is going to be devoid of forward thinking, continuations of sounds, or anything remotely new or different; instead this is a journey through the depths of thrash metal – the way it’s supposed to sound.

Right off the bat once the ever so obligatory ambient non-sense elapses you will be hurled into a vortex of blistering thrash riffing. These Danes have chosen to read from the books of Teutonic thrash and therefore you can expect gruff vocals, abrasive riffs and lightning fast tremolo fret work. The most important thing I find with this sort of thrash worship is that, the gas pedal mustn’t be eased too much, instead; it has to be one thousand miles an hour all the time and the Danes deliver the speed in spades. Also, another very important aspect that sets thrash bands apart is replay-ability of the songs. Do they compel a second listen? Does the album as a whole have you craving more? Are those riffs stuck in your head? Impalers make sure that a resounding YES is the answer to all those questions.

Moving on to the vocal side of the Impalers thrash attack, you can expect to see the usual suspects of classic Germanic thrash. As with the guitar work, you’ll be treated to the legends influence in spades which means, Mille-Schimer-esque gruff vocal work will rear its head. Also, due to the excellent handle Impalers have on the workings of Teutonic thrash the vocals just add even more icing atop this riff laden-cake. As it’s been mentioned before, worship is never a bad thing, instead, if done right it can give fans of those bands yet another band to enjoy and love. This, to me, is one of the best parts. This is not to say it’s plagiarism, instead it’s taking the blueprints and making it their own. No wheels are re-invented here, but is that a bad thing when it’s this well done?

Overall, Power Behind The Throne is a exquisite slab of thrash metal that will appeal to the maniacs more so than anyone else. If you’re expecting something new and fresh, you’ve come to the wrong place; but if you’re looking for well crafted, cold, hard, blistering and violent thrash metal – you’ve come to the right place. Simply, if you don’t get this one, it was never meant for you … the exit’s that way dude!


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