March 2, 2013

Stream Okular’s “Sexforce” In Full! Right Now!

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Written by: Fritz
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OKULAR Band photo

We here at Axis Of Metal are committed to the underground of heavy metal. We pride ourselves on working with emerging and underground artists to help not only garner them more recognition but to help you, the reader, expand your playlist of metallic madness. With that said, Axis of Metal has allied with the melo-death progsters, Okular, for a full FREE album stream of their upcoming 2013 opus, Sexforce.

Oslo, Norway, natives Okular, have returned after their critically acclaimed 2011 effort, Probiotic, and are ready once again to wow critics and newcomers alike with Sexforce. Sexforce is not a deviation of direction; instead it’s a growth and maturation of song writing. Fans of old and newcomers alike will fall under the luscious spell of majestic melody, cunning technicality and forward thinking progressive passage. To give one last piece of insight before you begin your journey through Okular’s sound-scape of decimation, Borknagar’s, Øystein G. Brun, describes Okular “as a “death metal parallel” to his own band.”

If this is all sounding delicious – it gets better. Okular have even tapped Borknagar’s Vintersorg to contribute guest vocals on the track, “The Greatest Offender”.

Sold yet? I bet you are! So stop reading my words, scroll down past the tracklisting and cover art, and begin your walk through Okular’s path of destruction. Then be sure to head over HERE and purchase Sexforce once it`s released on March 4th!

1. House Full Of Colours
2. Not Separate
3. Sexforce
4. The Greatest Offender
5. Ride The Waves Of Emotion
6. Rest In Chaos
7. The King Of Life
8. Exposing The Good Citizens
9. Feast Upon The Illusory
10. Birth Through Loss
11.To Ring The Bells Of Truth
12. Politically Incorrect Experiences
13. Educated For Enslavement

House Full Of Colours

Not Seperate


The Greatest Offender

Ride The Waves Of Emotion

Rest In Chaos

The King Of Life

Exposing The Good Citizens

Feast Upon The Illusory

Birth Through Loss

To Ring The Bells Of Truth

Politically Incorrect Experinces

Educated For Enslavement

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