April 15, 2013

Stream Birth A.D.’s Cause Problems Right Now!

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Well, what sonic goodness do I have in store for all you fine metal miscreants? Well, first off, let’s find out what your metal persuasion is! Do you like ultra proggy, ambient, technical metal? Well, if that’s your flavour, then I regret to inform you that those sounds will not be found here. Instead, if you’re like me, and sway more to the alcohol fueled, punk laden, blisteringly fast side of things, then you Homo Sapiens are in for a real treat.

On today’s docket, we have an exclusive song stream via the fine folks at Clawhammer PR, Unspeakable Axe Records, and of course Texan crossover obliterators, Birth A.D. These maniacs are releasing their debut full length via the aforementioned label on May 23rd. On which day planet Earth will never be the same. I Blame You is a journey through the punkier side of metal, and is unrelenting in its eighteen track attack.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait till May 23rd to hear the rest of it but right now, just below these words you can stream “Cause Problems”, and get a taste of what’s to come on this excellent debut long player.

What can you expect from this song? Well, a tried and true allegiance to the glorious forefathers of crossover think Suicidal Tendencies, S.O.D and modern masters Municipal Waste. Yes, this song is in the worshiping vein BUT, there’s a line between mediocrity and lack of inspiration and then there’s a true handle on the genre and sound, Birth A.D. exhibit this excellence in spades. Yes, this will sound familiar, but you really couldn’t pinpoint it to just one influence instead it’s a melting pot of everything that makes crossover what it is, and for that reason it’s worth is high, and deserving of your attention. So if you haven’t already, hit that play button via the player below, and revel in its awesomeness!

Tracklisting and badass cover art can be peeped below:

1) Mission Statement
2) Equal Opportunity
3) Burn L.A.
4) Failed State
5) Bring Back the Draft
6) This Scene Sucks
7) Violent Retribution
8) No, Man
9) I Blame You
10) Short Bus Society
11) Wrong Again
12) Fill in the Blank
13) Kill Everybody
14) No Jobs (Don’t Work)
15) Cause Problems
16) Parasites Die
17) Popular War
18) Blow Up the Embassy

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