May 30, 2013

Stream Burial Vault’s “Incendium” Right Now!


Today is a good day. Know why? Well, today we here at Axis Of Metal have teamed up with German dealers of sonic decimation, Apostasy Records and their recording artist, Burial Vault, to bring you a full album stream of Burial Vault’s full length album, Incendium.

With that said, let me acquaint you with Burial Vault. Burial Vault spawned into existence in 2006 in Papenburg, Lower Saxony (Germany). Two years later in 2008 they released their debut EP, “…There is No Resort”, in 2009 they followed up with another EP, “Come To Grief”. In 2012, Burial Vault, signed to Germany’s Apostasy Records and with their help released their debut long player, “Ekpyrosis (Peridoic Self Destruction)”. One year later – the album you’re about to stream – “Incedium”, is released also via Apostasy Records. Wow, these guys have been busy, no?

Anyway, now that we have all of that out of the way let’s get down to business, shall we? Incedium is a dark and malevolent album that will take you down the shrouded path of melodic death metal. However, this isn’t your stock melo-death, oh no boys and girls, this is something different. Burial Vault include much more than just searing melodies, instead they create a melting pot of metal goodness by incorporating elements of thrash, black, and even some progressive elements for good measure. Plus, it gets better. Incedium is a concept album based around Ray Bradbury’s classic novel, Fahrenheit 451. So not only do you get treated to excellent musicianship, a malevolent aura, and creative song-writing, but you also get treated to an interesting conceptual vision. Sold yet? I bet you are. So I’ll cut my rhetoric now, and direct you to scroll down and hit the play button on the first player and begin the sonic excellence that is Burial Vault’s Incedium!

Check out the sweet cover-art and track listing below:

  1. The Stench Of Burning Thoughts
  2. A Blind Follower And A Watchful Hound
  3. Soil & Green
  4. Peculiar
  5. The Nightly Horror
  6. Prelude To Peripety
  7. Fatal Accident
  8. Struggling Doubt
  9. Moment Of Truth
  10. Awareness
  11. Surveillance Web
  12. Catharsis
  13. Black Into White

Catch up with Burial Vault on Facebook and while your at it, check out Apostasy Records also. Show some love will ya?

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