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October 24, 2013

Sasquatch – IV – Review

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Written by: Fritz
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Small Stone Records 138

Let’s be real here. How many reviews have YOU read? Probably a million, right? Yea, thought so. Anyway, are you sick and tired of reading that useless, fluffy, introductory non-sense that you see EVERY GOD DAMN TIME you read a review? I am too. I’m sick of writing it. So, I’m going to get right into the heart of this beast, right to its inner core. Brass tacks, got it pal? Good. So, you know when you’re talking to your buddies and you’re like: “DUUUUUUDE MAN! This album ruuuules! Those riffs!” Well, this is one of those albums. Aptly named “IV”, Sasquatch’s latest riffy offering is well… rad, dude.

This album has legitimately everything you could possibly ask for in a doom laden, fuzzed out, hard rockin’ and lightly psychedelic mish-mosh of  pure rock’n’roll bliss. Sasquatch draw from the wells of rock years gone by, and it shows. There are those big, meaty, sabbathian styled riffs, there’s that 70’s hard rock mindset and just enough psychedellia to make this one a proper trip.

I find with beardo rock, so many bands try so hard to be like their idols and for most, it’s their downfall. I’m all for worshipping what you love, but for an album to be tremendous, it has to have its own character. IV does. There are the hook laden tracks like “Sweet Lady” and “Money” and then there’s the psychedelic influenced epic “Drawing Flies” that clocks in over seven minutes long. This is the dynamic that makes this “DUUUUUUDE” worthy. I also find it to be massively accessible. There is so much going on in this album, and different characteristics that are achieved by the mish-mosh of aforementioned influences that this album, is well, a trip all in itself.

As far as the vocal side of things goes, it’s definitely as interesting as the guitar work is. I can see a small grunge-y influence – the earlier side of Soundgarden – and funny enough I can even sense some southern styling in Keith Gibbs pipes. However, he still possesses that all important gruffness that keeps the sound-scape in check. Vocalists are imperative – in my mind – in a stoner rock / metal album’s success. The songwriting can be ace, but if that singer sucks, it can totally dismantle the experience. Like I said, it’s an interesting style, nothing groundbreaking mind you, but it’s unique and complimentary enough that it gets the nod from me.

Now, if you’re still with me, I’ll sum it all up for you. If you’re a fan of all of the things that laid the foundations for stoner metal / rock, then this is the album for you. It’s not only a stoner album, but it’s a concoction of sonic excellence that appeals to senses. It’s heavy, majestic and unique all at the same time. I really dug this one, and if you’re like me and like heavy, encompassing riffs with just the right amount of spice, then this is the album for you. Also, if you have a beard, you’ll probably like this one too. Sasquatch is mandatory for anyone who likes their riffs heavy, and dirty. IV might just turn you onto your new favorite band.


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