October 7, 2013

Stream Insurrection’s “Prototype” Right Now!

Insurrection - High Press Photo

So, I’m a pretty patriotic kind of dude. I’m proud of my Canuck roots and heritage. This fair and native land has many great accomplishments under its belt, and one of those great accomplishments is its metal scene. There have been many’a great metal bands that this country has spawned that dates all the way back to the early 80’s. But, I do not live in the past, and fast forwarding to 2013, the metal scene is as healthy as ever; with a bustling indie and labeled scene. You can almost go to any corner of this monstrosity of a country and find a healthy and vibrant scene. With that said, one of the best scenes lies in Quebec. Many great bands have come out of that scene, and as I’ve mentioned that still holds true. Enter Insurrection.

Ten years ago, Insurrection exploded into existence and set out to create an infectious brand of death metal excellence. This five man wrecking crew blends all the facets of death metal, marinates them in destructive grooves and puts a 2013 spin on their craft, and thus … you have their latest metallic offering, Prototype.

To give you a better picture of this morbid sound, Insurrection mix a Decapitated styled sound with the groove heavy Lamb Of God, while keeping a true death metal attitude. This isn’t what went on in 1992, this is 2013 and some of you may think, this could be over produced, bass heavy garbage that we see all too often with death metal, but oh no, Insurrection hold true to the blueprints of proper death metal and make it their own. So what more could you ask for? Nothing. Well, maybe, to actually listen to the band? Fear not! We got you covered here at Axis of Metal!

Axis Of Metal has allied with Asher Media Relations and Galy Records to bring to you – yes, you – an exclusive stream of the title track off of the upcoming long player, Prototype, dropping on October 15th via Galy Records! So, this is what you have to do … scroll down past the exquisite cover art and track listing, and hit that good ole play button, and see for yourself what I’ve been blathering on about. This just may be your next favorite band …

1) Overprocessed (Intro)

2) Abattoir

3) The Chronophobes

4) Checkmate

5) Sueurs Froides

6) Hellfire

7) Trois Minutes de Carnage

8) Archetype

9) Prototype

10) They Rise

11) Bruits Sans Fin

Also be sure to catch these Canadian merchants of death on tour in a city near you!

Catch up with Insurrection on Facebook, right HERE. Show them some love, will ya?

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